The charm of italian craftsmanship, between modernity and tradition

Historical reality been active for 20 years in the lighting industry, BF guarantees quality and reliability in the production of lighting products, constantly improving the performance of equipment designed, produced and marketed.

Specializing in halogen spotlights, LED spotlights, lamps for kitchen, lamps for cabinets, wall lights, energy-saving lights, LED applique, LED bars and Led strips, BF also produces customised lighting products.

In the course of its history, in fact, BF has added to the series production also the realization of project products, and the customization of products in the catalog.

This traditional approach to lighting design, brings the company to a particularly demanding customers and represents a real strength, supported by a constant technological experimentation.

That’s why BF has dedicated time to the issue of energy-saving lighting and to development of LED technology, which is preferable for the high standards of luminous efficiency, reliability and versatility of design. The sensitivity to applied research and development, involve all of BF sectors in the name of professionalism used on each item produced.

Details of quality essential to communicate to the outside the way we operate.


About customization

The characteristics that make the BF company a partner of
reference for architects and designers, is the possibility of
customization of the ceiling or lampshade according to the needs
of the customer, starting from the type of fabric, size, light source.

Artisan working 100% made in B.F.